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Demonstrate Ageinst Home office in Glasgow FESTIVAL COURT 11.30 AM

Author | 08.03.2010 17:17 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Migration | Birmingham | World

Call Out for Demonstration Ageinst Home Office and its abirtory decisions that are ruining many lives in GlasgowT
hree people kill themselves in Glasgow Red Road court rather than being removed.

On sunday monring three people decided to jump out of their 15 story flat. They had recently been told they would not be able to stay in Scotland following the failure of their asylam case.
Reports from other asylam seekrs living in the same flat block have stated:

1. That the home office were knocking on the door of the flat when the people decided to end their lives.
2. That the firday before the incident the police had told them to leave their house making them homless
3. That the idea of returning to thier home counry terrorfied them.
4.That around their bodies where printed letters stating

the home office deny any involvement and deny they were there
the YMCA will not give their names or nationality
the staff at Peterhill drive Red Road have told asylam seekers if they talk to the press they will be kicked out.

Everyday the home office makes many people's lives hell. It puts already vunurable people in horric conditions of stress paranoia and depression. It tears apart families and destroys lives.

Come and demonstrate tomorow out side FESTIVAL COURT 11.30am

Bring your drums your voices and your passion!!

These people have come to us for help and we will not let them be treated this way



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