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Animal Protection Party shops thrive in spite of police clampdown on SHAC stalls

Vegan Anarchist | 22.02.2010 05:39 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Repression | South Coast | World

The Animal Protection Party have opened another shop, which they say have "gone from strenght to strength" in spite of the massive police clampdown on fundraising stalls for AR groups like SHAC. After the police raids on SHAC they claimed that SHAC had raised £1 million through street stalls & closed down the SHAC [which they said were ALF] stalls. The APP shops however stay open.

The Animal Protection Party have opened another shop in Belverdere Kent not far from their other shop in Bexleyheath despite the huge police crackdown on fundraising for groups like SHAC. Other shops that the APP had were closed down by councils who they say "suddenly realised what they were about" and had the landlords evict them but the APP have managed to keep hold of the newest one in Kent.
More shops coming soon despite the police crackdown!


SHAC is a legal organisation campaigning to close the hellhole that is HLS. HLS are lawbreakers and perverts. Close HLS! More SHAC stalls please....

Vegan Anarchist


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  1. Thanks for the heads up... — NETCU
  2. How are these even comparable? Stalls are legal, they still are... — tofu
  3. You need a licence from the council — Licence man
  4. troll post — vegan
  5. Stalls + cops — Donut
  6. APP shops all still open. This article is untrue — Simon
  7. Read the blog. The shops were closed Simon. One that shut was next to McDonalds. — ara
  8. I don't think defending shac amounts to "shacwatch"! — shac supporter
  9. There are only two shops and yes one was closed next to McDonalds. — simmy
  10. To Donut. Are you smearing the anti war movement? — simmy
  11. Animal Protection Party have said that they have all our AR phones tapped. — Not Bloody NETCU
  12. @ simmy — shimmy
  13. Come on, this is clear trolling — anon
  14. re: I don't think defending shac amounts to "shacwatch"! — vegan
  15. The APP go on SHAC demos. Starting a split group is divide and rule. — anon
  16. Do the APP not support SHAC? What do the APP think of SHAC? — anon
  17. last two anons seems like subtle trolls to me — vegan
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