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end childslavery by the Dutch!

Foolish European Mothers | 21.02.2010 12:37 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

Childslavery by the Dutch. Children as young as 6 are taken from their parents without any reason and rented out to work in France and Germany and European ministers do NOTHING! Children work up to 18 hours a day or they will get no food.

They get no education. they are not insured for work related accidents. They work in factories and on the land, sanding doors, picking apples driving tractors,factorylinework, cleaning out cow/goat stables, heavy lifting and no safety mearures. One kid fell 4 m out of a tree and was injured, so the company decided the costs of 'repair' were too high and gave the child back to the parents to pay for the medical bills.The minister Rouvoet does NOTHING!

They sand doors pick apples drive tractors do tedious tasks clean out cow or goat stables factoyline work and they are not insured and do not go to school. and the blog is Thomas escaped
tp:// English voor de ontvoerde kinderen. English

bomopjeugdzorg Arlette Heskens, baby. child not allowed to see dying grandmother.

Foolish European Mothers
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