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Further Unjust Sentences for Gaza Protestors - Friday 19th February

T | 20.02.2010 14:58 | Palestine | Repression

All the young men sentenced at Isleworth County Court yesterday afternoon for Violent Disorder during Gaza protests started harsh stints behind bars last night...

All the young men that were sentenced at Isleworth County Court on Friday received custodial sentences.

Two people had their cases adjourned awaiting pre-sentence reports. One man got a suspended sentence because it was accepted by the Judge that imprisonment would have a severe impact upon his health due to his long term mental illness..

My friend from Leeds got 12 months... for throwing one glass bottle ! This is despite following mitigation: fact that it was accepted he did nothing else during the entire demonstration (it came out in court he was monitored by police for hours following the throwing of the bottle). It was accepted by the Judge that he had intended to hit the gates of the Israeli embassy in a symbolic protest and that he did not intend to hit a police officer's shield. Also fact that pre-sentence probation report recommended non-custodial sentence, and his "exemplary character" attested to by countless family (including mother in law) and community references. Lowest sentence I am aware of from sentencing thus far.


Sentencing starts at 2 years for all adult guilty pleas (revised use of R v Chapman)
Sentencing (after supposedly factoring in mitigation) ranged from 12 months to 2 years

Sentencing ranged from 8 to 12 months detention and training orders
Argued by one defence Barrister that entencing cannot go beyond 18 months because 18 months established as maximum for more serious offence of Riot.

*based on R v Ghafoor which says time of offence is more important than time of conviction (in this case time of guilty plea) when deciding whether someone is a youth or an adult for purposes of sentencing


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Please send messages of support to prisoners

22.02.2010 17:57

The man from Leeds who were sentenced for 12 months (for throwing one single empty bottle) is Mosab Al-Ani, please send messages of solidarity to him, the contact details are as follows:

Mosab Al- Ani
Prison number GX – 7243
H.M.P. Wormwood Scrubs
P.O. Box 757 DuCane Road
London, W12 OAE

Make sure when you do send messages of solidarity to send the letter by special delivery made payable to ‘governor’. Thanks for all your support



22.02.2010 22:55

If you send a message of solidarity, letter or card, just write directly to the prisoner. Put the details given (name, prison number, address on the envelope). Put a return address on the back as 'anonymous mail' is often refused.

If you want to send money, you need to write the cheque or postal order to The Governor but you can put it in the envelope with the letter you are sending in. You don't need to write to the governor. So your special/recorded delivery should still be addressed to the prisoner. Then what SHOULD happen is that the envelope will be signed for by prison staff but they will take it to him, open it in front of him and take the cash away to pay into his account but he will have seen that you sent it so it shouldn't go astray. That is the theory anyway.

If you want to look up the whole rules and regs on this it is mainly set out here in Prison Service Order 4411

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