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Kew Bridge Eco Village - Developer planning application accepted

Villager | 19.02.2010 10:31 | Education | Energy Crisis | Free Spaces



The outcome of wednesdays meeting at Hounslow Civic Centre was that the councillors voted in favour of St George's planning application. This occured despite a representative speaking on behalf of all 6 local community groups making clear their strong opposition to the development of 146 luxury flats.

It would seem that this decision was made because St George would have almost certainly appealed had their application been rejected and Hounslow Council were not willing to pay the £250,000 required to mount a legal case.

The villagers intend to continue planting vegetables and making the Kew Bridge Eco Village a wonderful place to visit.

If you have any advice, comments or £250,000 please feel free to contact us on the site phone: 07967864370

Also be sure to check out the Eco Village in mondays Inside/Out show on BBC1 at 7:30pm.

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Only a few days left now!

20.02.2010 12:21

We have only got a few days left now! So how about a massive party there just before the eviction?