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burnt flag: new nottingham antifascist newsheet

(A) | 08.02.2010 19:49 | Anti-racism

first issue of a new antifascist newsheet based in nottingham. find out what really happened when the EDL came to nottingham, the news the BNP don't want you to know about their membership and a round up of 2009 antifascist action to keep a smile on your face.

front page
front page

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back page

download, print and distribute!



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08.02.2010 20:16

but invest in a copy of adobe indesign and photoshop - its not the 1980's anymore!

Anarchist Antifa

This is awesome..

08.02.2010 20:38

On the contrary I rather like the cut and paste style :) The 'pick of the BNP membership list' is fucking genius.


cant download

08.02.2010 21:36

great stuff (I think but print is too small to read on screen!)
could you post a pdf version so we can download it


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Nice try...

08.02.2010 21:42

But this looks like it was designed by a 5 year old. Nice try anyway, have a cyber cookie. Keep at it and maybe you'll advance to a 10 year old standards work ;)



Invest in a copy???

08.02.2010 22:05

" but invest in a copy of adobe indesign and photoshop - its not the 1980's anymore!

Anarchist Antifa "


copy of adobe - that big fuck off US corp???

WTF.......... are you supposed to nibble on a big mac whilst sneaking a peek at the FT, to see how your shares are doing, as it gets converted to pdf format.

anarchist antifa my arse


back to you

08.02.2010 23:02

Yes Adobe the Big KKKapitalist UScorppp!1!!!1!11

you attitudes are so 1990's

Anarchist Antifa


08.02.2010 23:13

> but invest in a copy of adobe indesign and photoshop - its not the 1980's anymore!

Bollocks. Use what you've got - it's content that matters. If you really need to create PDFs use Open Office under Linux, no need to give your hard-earned to Adobe or anyone else.

Concerned of Halton Moor

Convert to pdf

09.02.2010 07:09

The format is great but if you really feel the need to make it available as a pdf, just use this free online utility. It'll convert almost any file and the resulting pdf files are pretty small compared to those created by Adobe.

- Homepage:

still cant download

09.02.2010 08:22

my earlier comment about a pdf version was simply asking for a version that we can download and distribute - as the original post asks us to.
Currently all we can do is copy it as a image.
I really did not wnat to be sidetracked by debates about Adobe vs opensource, valuable as that may be. Sorry if I accidentally used the product name - pdf!

me again

great, keep it up.

09.02.2010 12:52

I prefer this style, than some flashy overproduced sheet that would be ignored on the streets for looking too much like the output of everyone else.

Stick with it, although pdf would be good for printing purposes, an image is fine for online viewing (use higher resolution pic next time though).

@iccus Finch

Open Office

09.02.2010 13:55

Open Office is slow, also it isn't always compatible with the university operating system. Is there any particular legal reason why the university couldn't use open office, I made a point of claiming discrimination a few weeks back because I'm still owed £3,000 from the student loans company and can't afford to be blackmailed by microsoft.

General Degenerate


09.02.2010 14:37

There are no legal reasons why OO couldn't be used, and is available for windows (x86 and 64bit), linux (x86 and 64bit), MacOS and Solaris (Sparc and x86). No idea what OS your uni uses, but I'd imagine it's one of the above.

There are tweaks to speed up OO, but in general I find it fast enough.

There are far better apps than those included in both OO or MS Office though.

@iccus Finch

Good stuff

09.02.2010 15:06

These comments are getting a tad nerdy! Just wanted to say that this is an excellent anti-fash newssheet and I welcome it, would be good to see stuff like this in every town!



09.02.2010 15:39

Oh sorry I like the work too pity there isn't more in my area. Not much evidence of social struggle in York though, could probably count the number of facists and anti-facists on my fingers give or take a thumb.

General Degenerate


10.02.2010 12:25

save, open and decrease the contrast for more readability. looks fine, just wish it was less-Notts specific so I could distro here, but maybe that means I should do my own, eh? in the run up to the Notts demo it was nice to see poster with a neo-nazi skinhead with a cross through his head in asian areas of Nottingham.


Pretty Good

21.02.2010 18:54

Love the DIY style! Love the "Pick of the Fash" bit too, "He'd like to recieve..." had me in stitches, you did miss out the BNP freephone hotline fiasco though, had loads of fun ringing that, insulting the BNP on their cash!

I Hate The Fash

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