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Camden fascist pub Gloucester Arms has most of their windows shot out

anon | 21.01.2010 18:07 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast | World

Fascist pub The Gloucester Arms at 59 - 61 Leighton Road has been the centre of protests from anti racists following the decision by landlord John Coyne to let hardline neo nazis, the Jobbik Party hold meetings in the pub. The Jobbik Party are part of a European Alliance of Nationalist Movements drafted by the BNPs Nick Griffin. During the past 24 hrs most of the pubs windows have been shot out.

The majority of the pubs windows, including the window to the bedroom used by John Coyne and his wife have been shot out.
The pub walls have been daubed with "Close BNP Pub", anti racist lealfets have been sellotaped to the pub and an Irish Triclor flag has been draped across the pub. [A very large pair of knickers and an outsize pair of bloomers were draped across the other side...]
The anti racist campaign began when anti fascists learned that the pub was ameeting place for organised racists. A protest was called by Camden Anarchists against the pub.
During the meeting held by the Jobbik Party, the landlord of the Gloucester Arms John Coyne came out and told the Camden New Journal and anti racist protesters to "go whistle". He also told the Camden New journal that the neighbours were "all a bunch of swearing tossers and they're all barred anyway".
He said that when he first bought the pub he barred over 70 people. The CNJ interviewed Coyne in the empty pub while the fascists, mostly in sunglasses and bouncer style black bomber jackets sat in a circle having a meeting in the back room.
The pub and the occupents have become the centre of a simmering feud between the pub and neighbours some of whom share an adjoining wall to the pub which hasn't been soundproofed for the level of noise generated. They have complained that children have been let into the pub where Coyne watches hardcore porn in the bar on the pub TV.

Residents have called for a week of action and have asked that people contact Camden Council and ask that the pub license [held by Trust Inns LTD] be revoked.
Camden Council
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

Camden United Against Fascism are holding a meeting next week, Tuesday 26th January at 7pm, 99 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town Camden NW5 to discuss how best to keep nazis off of Camden's streets and to adddress the problem posed by the pub. We ask that anti fascists turn out in force for this as the situation is a serious one.



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21.01.2010 18:32

WOW, nice fucking work people! Jesus, way to push anti-facist action forward! More of this shit please.


up the Ra!

21.01.2010 20:02

liking the tricolour touch...spiffin. up the fuckin Ra! (who may not neccesarily approve of all anarchists/anti-fa, but hey!)

i remember someone on here saying they should get that place, it looks like someone did, eh?
good work.


Definetly fucking solidarity!

21.01.2010 20:24

Now this is what I call real affirmative action!

Ginger Militant

oh yeah!

21.01.2010 20:37


Nice one people.

Fly Poster

One way

21.01.2010 21:55

to tell them they aint welcome. Lets hope they get the message and pack up and leave.


Use of Tricolour

21.01.2010 23:03

Using a tricolour in a meaningful action such as this only confuses matters. Anarchists are anti nationalist and the tricolour represents a nationalist state which is represented by an oppressive religion (aren't they all), capitalist exploitation and major oppression of women's rights. I suggets anarchists avoid all nationaalist symbols in their struggles.



22.01.2010 00:39

not all direct action is done by anarchists.



22.01.2010 01:18

But isn’t there a danger that the police will say that the use of a rifle justifies their determination to widen the remit of ‘domestic extremism’ to include anti-racist groups?

It would certainly get BAE Systems thinking twice about selling arms if we started to shoot out their executive’s windows!


Coyne has pissed off so many people that anyone could have done this....

22.01.2010 05:18

He has annoyed the neighbours, the community of Camden, people across London, the Irish community, anti racists, the council etc and so on and while people are saying "The Irish did it", "the anarchists did it", "the anti racists did it", "the neighbours did it", "the council did it" could be as likely that anti paedophiles did it. He displays porn where it can be seen by kids and that's enough to appall anyone.

There were no witnesses and judging by what it's said was left there it can be safe to say it could be just about anyone for a multitude of reasons.

This is all the more reason for the council to revoke the pub's license.

Camden Action Group

Could have been anyone - everyone hates the pub!

22.01.2010 05:55

Get em out!


RASH Comment

22.01.2010 10:19

usd to be an old ira pub, back in the day. Still lots of old-school irish on the peckwater estate nearby.

Definitely think this is a "community" issue.

Fair play for people putting their money where their mouth is ; )

Was an old ira pub

attention comrades!

22.01.2010 10:29

Solidarity between different groups can be beneficial for revolutionaries
Solidarity between different groups can be beneficial for revolutionaries

Notice the 'communist' star, in a predominently nationalist painting
Notice the 'communist' star, in a predominently nationalist painting

Coincidentally, possibly, but there have been "left leaning" IRA types in the past, it has been known. Even the Provo's shared solidarity with ETA, some members of which often have pro-marxist, anarchic or "wider revolutionary" ideals, not just nationalism. of course it is mainly nationalist to be pro IRA or pro PLO, or ETA, etc.
But there is also a common thread of wider revolutionary ideals within these groups and splinter groups.
may be everyone banging on about the place caused some ex IRA-Marxist to get out his or her old rifle for a little target practice?!

who cares, ultimately, the place is on the way down, keep up the pressure. noiw is the time to up the heat, as it were...

up the pressure!

At last some decent action in London!

22.01.2010 12:15

You might need to do the deed again just so the fkin Cro-Magnon and his insurers really get the message...

Full respect, whoever did the deed!

A Doer

Get him OUT and FAST! People have to live next door, walk past etc etc

22.01.2010 13:10

Coyne...pack your stuff and leave.

The pub is a dangerous place to live next door to, walk past, work in, drink in etc. What if Coyne, the stupid drunken bastard [he is drunk most of the time] starts firing back next time / starts firing out of the window at shadows etc?

Time to go....playing porn where kiddies can see it is reason enough to get him out. Camden Council reviewed the license following complaints by neighbours who believe he poses harm and threat to children after he let youngsters into the bar, for playing very loud music without soundproofing the wall which he shares with the flats next door, causing a political rumpus and posing a threat to lots of people from violent neo nazis...this in itself has an effect in the neighbourhood. Yesterday two white women attacked a woman in a newsagent on Kentish Town Road and called her a "Paki cunt", this is what happens when people like Coyne let neo nazis into pubs, it fuels racism and lets people think this is acceptable when it isn't. Camden Council licensing department should be ashamed of themselves for not revoking his license when they were asked to by local people the first time, they didn't and this is the result....Camden Council must revoke his license for the safety of everyone concerned and living or working nearby.

Camden Council
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street


Mainstream media?

22.01.2010 14:32

This story doesn't appear to have been reported anywhere else?


Mainstream media - good point and good idea!

23.01.2010 12:23

Couldn't agree more. Would also deter pubs and venues from this nastiness.



23.01.2010 15:02

No. My point was why can this story not be verified anywhere else?

If windows of a pub in Kentish Town are being shot out where are the media reports of the event or is this common for pubs in the Camden area?


Why has it not been reported to mainstream media?

24.01.2010 17:10

1. John Coyne [apparently] hasn't reported this to the police or the press.

2. If he did then he would have to explain why his windows have gone in....

3. Sadly this is in fact common for Camden and has happened before ot a club [reglular weekly window wrecking before the police closed it doen and the mainstrema press never heard a thing or if they did they didn't print it].

4. Some of us think that HE did it.

5. If you want this verified go up and take a look yourself at the holes in the windows that haven't yet been boarded up



24.01.2010 18:12

I live up North.

Why don't you post photos of this? Surely you know someone with a camera phone?

I doubt even Camden's gun crime is so insignificant that this wouldn't make the news....


CNJ been to see him

24.01.2010 20:33

Photos coming up tomorrow



25.01.2010 17:25

here they are...

Camden Anti Fash

pic of graffitti

25.01.2010 17:28

here it is...

Camden Anti Fash

support for troops on chalk board outside

25.01.2010 17:31

here you go....

Camden Anti Fash

Tricolour at rear of boarded up pub...

25.01.2010 17:57

here you are....

Camden Anti Fash

Boarded up windows in pub photo.

26.01.2010 00:22

The windows of the pub are boarded up.


Coyne has been evicted by brewery and police

30.01.2010 09:00

Innocent illegal tenants remain in the pub and await emergency housing which explains why lights are still on.

Camden Antifash