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NF's Eddy Morrison's Lesbian Daughter

Alice Nutter - Leeds | 20.01.2010 11:51 | Anti-racism | Sheffield

t's time to let a few skeleton's out of the closet

National Front Leeds drunk Edmond Morrison has a lesbian daughter. I know her and she's a nice girl but I think it's strange that Edmond is not attacking her but is willing to attack her kind so to speak. I wonder if that's why Edmond like's to keep quiet about her. I'll be uploading picture's and more detail's in the coming week's and I think there will be enough to cause quite a stir for this strange and creepy little man.

Alice Nutter - Leeds


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some friend

20.01.2010 13:58

Is your 'friend' the lesbian daughter happy for her friend to publish an expose of her and her father on indymedia? Some friend!

Yes he may be scum, but the daughter has done nothing wrong, although the way you came out with the sensational head line of 'He has Lesbian daughter!!' could look like you have issues with her being a lesbian.

Before anyone says it, i'm not a troll. Just a bit shocked at your blinded pursuit of exposing someone when other peoples life are involved.


Why post this?

20.01.2010 13:59

Unless the man's daughter is involved in his neo-nazi activities, why should she be subjected to any sort of publicity?

She has every right to privacy, if what you have posted is true, she must have had a difficult time with a parent with these sort of views.


extremely inappropriate

20.01.2010 14:05

Thuis article should be removed. To come on-line and publish details of a persons sexuality without their permission is irresponsible, inappropriate and puts this woman in very real danger.
It doesnt matter who her father is.
Although her father might be accepting of her sexuality, their are many more people (especially in the far-right) who will not be accepting of her sexuality and may physically attack her.
Homophobia is still extremely prevalent and outing people on a public forum like this while at the same time linking them with far-right groups is extremely dangerous.