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Bad news for Mumia - what are we going to do?

freemumia | 19.01.2010 20:14 | Anti-racism | Repression

Today's ruling in a US court means the death penalty is back on the cards for Mumia Abu Jamal.

In March 2008 a court decided that Mumia's couldn't receive the death penalty, partially due to a contradictory ruling in another death penalty case (a neo-Nazi murderer's) to do with whether jurors agreed there were mitigating circumstances. As of today that 2008 judgment has been thrown out and Mumia's life is again in danger.



The Evidence is Material Proof of Mumia's Innocence.

21.01.2010 01:02

The kangaroo court that found Mumia guilty has numerous faults by law, 1) Jury selection tampering in which the Philadelphia prosecution and police taught jury selection with a video that instructs the lawyers not to pick blacks, as they are not serious enough and thereby won't find him guilty of murder, and won't consign him to death. It says pick whites to try blacks, and that way guilty will take place. That is Mumia didn't get a trial jury of his peers. Also judge Sabo was heard to say before the trial was over, that he was going to fry the N--ger. The witness who heard him say that was a court stenographer who kept the trials records.
Further the witnesses later recanted their trial statements and admitted they lied, because the police had pressured them to find Mumia guilty. The only witness during the trial that said she saw Mumia do the shooting was a prostitute, known to the police, and later said she lied on instructions from the cops, or else and old summons for prostitution would be served on her, and she would go to jail. She later says she lied so as not to go to jail. Originally she said the killer ran away.

Forensics at the sight proves that Mumia is innocent as Mumia's gun is not the calibre of the gun that killed the cop, and the pictures taken at the scene (not allowed as evidence) later proved that one of the cops was lying (purgery) when he testified in the court that he did not touch the gun, so evidence would not be tampered with. The picture shows that cop holding the gun in his bare hands. Don't forget it was Mumia that was shot by a cop, and he was on the ground close to dying. Later that night, the cop who rode to the hospital with Mumia put on the statement of that nights duty, that Mumia did not say anything, he was quiet. Later two months on, he changed his statement and said that Mumia confessed that he killed the cop.
Later on a gangster hit-man confessed on Video to killing const. Faulkner because Faulkner was turning in the cops for their collusion with the mob on prostitution, liquor, and drug dealing with mob. The FBI was investigating the Philidelphia Police at the time as a dishonest police department. Mumia was the journalist that was turning in the fraud to the government for prosecution, and was known to the cops. He was not the shooter. The pictures also tell the fact that the witnesses were lying, and saying what the pictures proved did not happen. Sabo threw out all the evidence that might prove Mumia's innocence, and only allowed the frame-up evidence which the pictures prove were witness lies. There is so much more evidence that proves he is innocent, but the courts have disallowed the evidence. Free Mumia, he is innocent.



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