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HLS Collaborators on High Alert as Protesters Hit Cambridge

Smash HLS! | 17.01.2010 23:09 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Smash HLS!

Activists from Cambridge, Newcastle and Sussex used social networking sites, Indymedia and the like putting NETCU and therefore local SHAC targets on high alert for the 15th Jan. We know that companies go crazy about SHAC's peaceful, lawful demos, so we reckon they were pretty irritated!

NETCU were certainly annoyed by the whole thing arresting an activist a few days before the protest (in relation to a peaceful demo last year at KuDOs) and setting bail for the time of the meet. They then arrested another activist on the day of the demo, after chasing him (making NETCU sweat - at least we get something for our money!) and pushing him against a car) for alleged involvement with the same peaceful protest last year!

In a way the fact this state of high alert had been created was job done, Cambridge companies were worried about protesters turning up and exposing their involvement with the vial HLS, and that's what we want! With this achieved protesters headed to KuDOS Pharmaceuticals (410 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge) armed with 4 megaphones.

Police were already in the building and watched protesters from the second floor window as they arrived. So activists waved and cheered at the NETCU and AstraZeneca security. Coming down to ask what they were doing, police were told that protesters were looking for their dog. Minutes later a protester arrived dressed in a dog costume!
The sound of the dog screaming at HLS was played over the megaphone, hopefully this will get some of the workers thinking about exactly what they are supporting by staying silent.

Protesters were extensively filmed by AstraZeneca security and the police stood guard inside and outside Astrazeneca (nice to know where tax payers money goes!)
Protesters loudly and peacefully chanted and used the megaphones to tell KuDOs and AstraZeneca "be under no illusions we are NOT going away till you cut your trade with HLS".

As protesters left KuDOs they found themselves under extensive pressure from NETCU pulling up to film protesters at the main gates of KuDOs, as campaigners told the science park and local college students what dirty deals are going on in a building near them.

Protesters handing out leaflets were extensively filmed by NETCU and around 15 officers at the main gates to make sure we didn't re-enter KuDOs.

As protesters made their way to leave they were escorted by NETCU and the police and AstraZeneca security.

If NETUC weren't bad enough anyway, they decided to go one further by pulling over a supporters car and holding the activists for over 40 mins then escorting the activists for over 16 miles! Other activists decided to walk back to home for coffee and toilet breaks.

We will be back time and time again at local companies that support HLS, when it suits us we will announce it, when it doesn't we won't. See you soon HLS collaborators!


Smash HLS!