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Camden Racist Pub Gloucester Arms - week of action at Camden Council Jan 25-29

Camden Anti Fash | 16.01.2010 21:57 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast | World

Camden Anarchists protested outside the fascist pub Gloucester Arms on Leighton road, Kentish town, Camden NW5 followoing the decision by landlord John Coyne to let the Jobbik party who are part of an Alliance Of European Nationalist Movement, drafted by Nick Griffen of the BNP. Anonymous activists have asked that a week of emailing / phone action about the pub be carried out.

Contact Camden council at :

Camden Town Hall
Judd Street

The landlord of the pub told protesters and the Camden New Journal to "go whistle", watches porn on the pub TV where he lets young children into the bar...alongwith letting far right parties to hold meetings in there. It is said that he plays SKredriver [nazi music] until the early hours at full blast and that this drives the neighbours mad. Close it down.

Camden Anti Fash


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