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Christmas chaos hits BNP as Chris Jackson and Mike Easter resign

Lancaster Unity | 20.12.2009 09:22 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Trooble at t'pig farm

As one of our readers commented the other day, Christmas seems to be a difficult time for the BNP. It was pointed out that 2007 saw the end of the then high-flying career of Sadie Graham and many others, while 2008 saw the chaos that followed the release of the full BNP membership list.

This year seemed to be following the same pattern, though in a less focused way, with the sudden resignation of Alby Walker as leader of the BNP group at Stoke Council, Dicky Barnbrook's embarrassingly poor apology for being a liar, the laughably appalling accounts (which earned the party a £1100 slap on the wrist for tardiness) and a threat of future legal action from the Electoral Commission, plus a swathe of dreadful by-election results.

Now however, things seem to be coming to a head with the resignations of former contender for the BNP leadership (in a rigged election that he couldn't possibly win) Chris Jackson, his former campaign manager Mike Easter and someone named Kev Bryan, who was apparently the Rossendale Branch Organiser...

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