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Brown and Miliband show contempt for our judges and courts.

Daniel Dennett | 18.12.2009 10:12

They want to bypass them to shield an Israeli war criminal.

If Livni
If Livni

War criminal Brown and granny snatcher Miliband are breaking International Law.

By conspiring to shield Israeli war criminal Livni from a British arrest warrant for war crimes they are in contempt of the statute of Rome and should be charged with conspiring to impede and nullify the powers of The International Criminal Court.

Gordon Brown phoned Tzipi Livni on Wednesday and, according to Livni's office, said he was "completely opposed" to the issuing of the arrest warrant, and that she would be welcome in Britain anytime.

Brown - like Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who called Livni the day before - promised to work to change the British legal situation that has led to arrest warants being issued for Israeli war criminals in Britain.

This means that a “national decision" has been been made for the purpose of shielding the person concerned (Livni, in this case) from criminal responsibility for war crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court referred to in article5 of the Statute of Rome.

Daniel Dennett