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The REAL Puppy Farmers

Doglover dobbin the mual | 17.12.2009 23:58 | Animal Liberation | Social Struggles

Puppy Farming is a tag thrown by the real puppy farmers who operate with the full consent of the KC

Who IS Puppy Farming ?

What is a puppy farmer ? This is something that requires a full explanation and will upset the very people who like to hide behind the truth. Everyone who is asked about puppy farming gets the wrong impression that its the Welsh, factually more puppy breeding occurs in England and in the county of Lincolnshire, now we are clearly not saying that all breeders living in either Wales or Lincs are puppy farmers, but by the reality of its definition there are a few. A "Puppy farm" is a derogative term generally used for somebody who is breeding dogs solely for money. That has to include most of the UK’s top exhibition kennels and the way to check the amount these people are breeding is to get a copy of the breed record supplement from the Kennel Club, they are organised in quarterly issues by breed and you will be sickened and amazed at how much these people are breeding. They usually write the breed notes in many online magazines. Some are top Champion Judges ,breed health committee members, breed club through and through , let it be said that we here are NOT against breed clubs but are wholly against breed clubs that fail to recognise the REAL puppy farmers in their respective breeds, others will flip their lids if they are questioned as to what they have done for dogs apart from breeding for money to support their own show kennels. They give very little back but wont forget to remind you…………………….. “I’ve been in my breed for hundreds of years”! Most will tell you that testing in their breed is not necessary as it’s a very healthy breed, isn’t that what the Cav breeders told us before PDE. Now doesn’t it just gall you when THESE people dictate that everyone except them is a farmer , dealer , etc, when if people actually did research they could see the reality of how much these exhibitors who kiss the KC and gossip with some that are supposed to remain impartial within the KC are behind the scenes like fat old women gossiping and being rather economical with the truth. Some of those involved deeply within the KC have had many health problems within their breeds, yet they will still blame the owners who returned the dogs… lets be honest, these people know everything and will gladly tell you that dogs were healthy until puppy farmers came along. GET real ! Why cant these people be truthful, why do they have to gossip about those who ARE testing, who ARE breeding selectively and who ARE publishing facts and figures on health ? Well to answer that you have to realise that they use the same old excuse, they usually use dogs for income and have suffered a fall since the credit crunch. Show breeders don’t necessarily breed happy healthy dogs they breed to have money to attend shows so their dogs will be awarded excellent results because its just their turn. Crufts does not give an honest picture of health in any breed, dogs qualify because they can and do, some are never challenged within the ring as they automatically qualify through being the only dog there, this cannot be good for either the dog or the breed. The KC have made some improvements but even they know they have a long way to go before happy healthy dogs are once again foremost in everybodies minds. So before buying a dog from ANY breeder check how many litters they have had in 25 years and how much money THEY have made that was untaxed. It is fine to harp on about puppy-farmers, but then those doing it should open up their books for public scrutiny. Maybe we would all see a VERY DIFFERENT picture . These mass producers may or may not be producing tested dogs, most within dogs make comments without research, knowledge or honesty , they presume . They get it wrong mostly all of the time through ignorance and the I KNOW IT ALL attitude they have. Many KC breeders don’t health or temperament test because they don’t have to, they are never scrutinised because they attend stuffy doggy social events and they don’t pay taxes. They will however tell you how much they don’t make …… Do the math yourself, they are either rather uneducated in mathematics or they lie , BEFORE buying any dog buy a copy of the Breed record supplement for the last 6 quarters, in the breed you are interested in. You would be surprised at how many affixes are owned by family members of the main breeder so they can effectively have a puppy farm with KC approval. Another way they attempt to justify their own being is to state that some kennels in the UK owe EVERYTHING to them, well in reality then you owe everything to the breeder of YOUR dogs, but will they ever state that, not likely because that would take away their own piece of pie, it makes them just like everyone else vying for their name in lights.Sadly most people who exhibit dogs do it for themselves, they do nothing for dogs as such.

Doglover dobbin the mual


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