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Reclaim Power-Green Block

S.T | 17.12.2009 19:39 | COP15 Climate Summit 2009 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | World

Activists meet at the metro station before breaking police lines and rushing towards the Bella Centre.

The Green Block activists arrived in their affinity groups at the Ørestads Metro at 9am. The protesters, numbering upwards of 300, were surrounded from the outset by the Danish Police. Police searched the bags of activists and commuters as they stepped off the metro, they also searched the protest van headed for the Blue Block.

At 9.30am protesters began to test police lines by rushing at the gaps to create holes in the police chains. Several protesters forced through into the land to the west that surrounded the metro station and the Bella Centre. Police grabbed and arrested several protesters and used batons and pepper spray to prevent further breakthroughs.

Police and activists took part in a chase across the open ground, the activists succeeded in out running them. The police quickly reformed and officers and dog handlers ran on to the scene to confront the demonstrators. Many protesters were arrested as they tried to scale the first fence. 50 arrestees were sat on the ground by the side of the road.

The remaining protesters made a dash to the fields but again were met with police resistance. One activist was pushed into a fence and his face pushed to the ground. The last remaining protesters from Green Block were arrested by police disguised as activists in black hoodies.
Estimates of the number of arrestees varies, but most give a figure of 250. All the activists were released after 12 hours of detention in the temporary prison to the south west of the city.

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