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EDL: soldiers of the state?

anti-fascist | 06.12.2009 10:58 | Anti-racism | Repression

The Observer today quotes someone on the Nottingham conflict who they describe as "a 43-year-old member of the EDL, a serving soldier who did not want to be named".

A serving soldier? Was he the only one? Was he there with the tacit support of his employers?
The EDL is a dream come true for the state, the kind of right-wing street presence it would want to exist, without the inconvenience of being accountable.
With Ian Tomlinson's death limiting the police use of violence (for the moment), does the EDL fill the gap nicely? Is that why the cops are so soft on them?
It's also funny how the EDL completely mirrors state opinion, unlike the BNP etc with their far-out extreme right policies.
Backing "our troops", backing Israel, not racist just "anti Islamic extremism" - all very conveniently "on message" for the authorities.



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