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50,000 in Climate Change Protest + Climate Camp Occupies Trafalgar Square

imc london | 04.12.2009 09:46 | COP15 Climate Summit 2009 | Climate Chaos

Around 50,000 people took part in 'The Wave' demonstration in London on Saturday 5th December [ photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ] ahead of the Cop15 Climate conference - see Indymedia London Feature reports.

Following the Wave events and demonstration the London Climate Camp invited people to the COP Out Camp Out action - which took over Trafalgar Square, setting up a camp for an intended 48hrs to highlight the issues around the Cop15 mobilisation, summed up in the phrase "System Change not Climate Change. See Climate Camp Feature reports.

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Help report what's happening by sending your reports from the streets.

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View of part of de demo marching down Whitehall
View of part of de demo marching down Whitehall


imc london


UPDATES: Sunday 6th + Monday 7th

07.12.2009 13:45

Sunday 6th: Climate Camp Protestors in Protest at City Airport

Monday 7th: Protestors blockade European Climate Exchange as COP15 Starts



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