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Open Cast North East

North East Open Cast Action Group | 01.12.2009 14:49 | Climate Chaos | Health | Workers' Movements

APPLICATION 1/2008/0822 Land to the south east of Billingside Plantation , Leadgate

Durham County Council planners today nodded through UK Coal's plans to create artificial ponds. This is the start of the attempted open cast coal mining of the Pont Valley. UK Coal say they intend to start work on the ponds in early January. This work is strongly opposed by the local community.

North East Open Cast Action Group
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EF! Winter Moot in February in North East, meeting with anti-open cast people

01.12.2009 16:53

Plot and plan against open cast in the North East and elsewhere, plus whatever your interest is in taking ecological direct action, at the Earth First! Winter Moot, in early February. There'll be a chance to meet up with local activists, and if you fancy taking a gander around the area....

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