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November 30th: Happy Birthday Indymedia!!

IMC-London | 30.11.2009 20:01 | Culture | History | Indymedia | World

Ten years have passed since the first Indymedia site came to life in November 30th 1999. Media activists came together for the first time during the amazing anti-WTO summit protests that took place in Seattle (US), kick starting the emergence of a global 'movement of movements' that has spent this decade struggling against neoliberalism, war and environmental destruction.

But this has also been a Movement that has shown a capability for constructing collective processes for democratic and horizontal alternatives to Capitalism. Indymedia is a good example of such a living alternative. For ten years a global network of websites, collectives and individuals have been working together to maintain the IMC project alive and kicking. There are many examples of successes, as well as a few instances where both Indymedia sites and indiviuals have had to face repression and even death in the hands of state repression - Brad Will, presente!. But Indymedia has not gone away, not even for a minute during these long 10 years, and it is set to continue moving forward with new strategies and energy.

Read IMC-Ireland's article 'N30 + 10 years - Remembering and celebrating "The day the political landscape changed forever'.

Happy Birthday Indymedia! .. and here is a toast for another 10 years of alternative communication and information!



IMC-Ireland's anniversary article

30.11.2009 20:33

Read IMC-Ireland's comprehensive article on the 10thh anniversary of N30 and Indymedia:

maqui (reposting)

The very first ever Indymedia front page

30.11.2009 20:47

Here's a screen shot of IMC-Seattle's front page on November 30th 1999, the very first ever Indymedia front page to appear on the Web . "A thing born once in Seattle amidst tear gas and protest".

maqui (reposting)

First ever posting on indymedia

03.12.2009 02:14

seattle uses CAT australian J18 code to create Indymedia ;)

peace, love and laptops


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  1. happy birthday. — birthday boy
  2. Congratulations to the Indymedia UK Freedom Fighters Anniversary! — Al Knight