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The unsavoury flavour of the depth of police corruption

norman Scarth | 29.11.2009 18:54 | Repression | Birmingham

The following gives the unsavoury flavour of the depth of corruption. The second article goes into greater detail concerning official corruption in this case. It is time honourable Members of Parliament took up the baton and demand answers. The behaviour of police and the judiciary is typical of the Middle Ages, not of the 21st century!

These are the charges set against the flying Vet Maurice Kirk - an inncocent man.


My Friend Maurice Kirk the flying vet on hunger strike


Criminal Charges against Maurice Kirk: Indictment:

“Count 1. POSSESSION OF A PROHIBITED WEAPON, contrary to section Blah, blah, blah, blah. PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE: Had in his possession a firearm ... so designed that two or more missiles could be successively discharged without repeated pressure on the trigger.”

Count 2.

SELLING ... A PROHIBITED WEAPON contrary to section blah, blah, blah. PARTICULARS OF OFFENCE: Sold ... a firearm ... designed etc. etc. etc. without repeated pressure on the trigger.”

Here we come to the best bit: The ancient Lewis gun (attached to a replica WW1 biplane), bought by Kirk & sold on by him did not HAVE a flippin’ trigger – it had been removed! It did have holes drilled in the side, & the spout bunged up. Even so, it could still cause serious injury – if you dropped it on your foot! The brave boys & girls in blue will say it could have a trigger fitted, the holes welded up, & the barrel bored out. No doubt it could. With much less trouble a 6” x 3’ drainpipe propped at an angle can be used to fire a high explosive mortar bomb, & any handyman could soon turn a 4” drainpipe into a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

YCMIU (2).

In London there is a very expensive wastepaper bin which calls itself ‘The Office for Judicial Complaints’ (OJC). It is there you send complaints about judges. I complained to them of criminal collusion between Judge Nicholas Cooke, South Wales Police & Dr. Tegwynn Williams. A reply from case Worker Anna Scranney dated 28th November 2009, ref. 6914/2009 dismissed my complaint, & said “You should refer this matter to the Police Authorities.”

So, if the Gestapo have committed crime, you should report them - to the Gestapo!

YCMIU (3). I understand that the first social worker's report states that Maurice is a grade 3 threat "due, in part, to the threat of his attracting media attention"!!

Can anybody find words to describe any of this? - Because I can’t!

Norman Scarth.

norman Scarth
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