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Flannels protest after recent successes with local anti fur campaign.

Campaign for a fur free Nottingham | 28.11.2009 21:14 | Animal Liberation

After recent successes with Nottingham's anti fur campaigns including Cow, Baklash, Cache and Kitsch all taking fur out of their stores, Nottingham Animal Rights have taken part in the national campaign against Flannels holding a demonstration outside their shop today Friday 27th November.

demo at flannels nottingham
demo at flannels nottingham

Flannels are the latest national target of the anti fur movement after yet again breaking their "fur free pledge".

They have announced anti fur policies on several occasions but once again have gone back on their word and are once again supporting the vile fur trade.

Over 50 million animals are killed a year for their fur and there are no laws to protect animals on fur farms so the cheapest means of housing and killing these animals are generally preferred.

Animals on fur farms are caged raised and killed inhumanely, methods include neck breaking, anal electrocutions, gassing and investigations have revealed animals are sometimes skinned alive for their fur.

More information on the treatment of animals in the fur trade are on our website listed below.

A demonstration at flannels took place today with members holding placards and handing leaflets to the general public.

Minutes into the demonstration the manager came out shouting to protesters "get a job" with one of the protesters replying "I have one that doesn't involve cruelty".

The manager then threatened to call the police to which protesters replied "go ahead we have a right to voice our opinion".

Police arrived but within minutes left the protesters to it satisfied that the protest was peaceful.

Members handed leaflets to the general public and customers entering and leaving the store politely explaining what the protest was about with some members of the public shocked to find that the shop sold real fur some even deciding to not enter the shop after all after finding out the companies policy regarding fur.

Protesters will be demonstrating the shop regularly with a national weekend of action against flannels to take place on Fri 12th - Sun 14th December .

Campaign for a Fur Free Nottingham was formed by members of Nottingham Animal Rights due to fur trade starting to make its way back to stores in the last few years through the vintage clothes trade, fur trim garments and even full new fur coats making their way to stores during the last few years.

The campaign has been very successful and in just four weeks of the campaign, 'Cow' have took all their fur off the shop floor and their head office have recently had a meeting about considering a fur free policy in all their stores (Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham), Baklash have pledged to never sell any real fur in their store again, Cache and kitsch took all their fur off the shop floor with kitsch also signing a fur free pledge.

There is also an on-going campaign with vintage warehouse with regular demonstrations on Fridays and Saturdays.

Members of the group have spoken to the managers of Vintage warehouse, with one of them saying to members he doesn't see a problem with selling second hand fur.

Second hand fur perpetuates the idea that wearing the skin of an animal murdered in such a brutal fashion is ok. We believe it is a massive disrespect to the deaths of animals in the fur trade for the skins and furs that have been torn off their bodies for people to profit off their cruel deaths and promote the idea that fur clothing is ok.

Future actions planned by the group are regularly updated on our website which include Vintage warehouse on (most) Fridays from 12.30pm and (some) Saturdays from 1pm with Flannels demonstrations from 1.30pm fridays and 2pm saturdays.

Also a national weekend of actions against Flannels will be on Fri 12th - Sun 14th December with demonstrations happening all over the country by various groups on these dates.

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