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Another shoplifting copper caught with their trousers down

Cop watcher | 28.11.2009 19:25 | Repression | Social Struggles

Chief Inspector Kim Molloy of Notts police was arrested by her colleagues after a suspected shoplifting incident at a Tescos Extra. A "rising star" of the force, she is alleged to have been trying to get an unofficial 'discount' on her make-up.

DISLCAIMER: The authors of this article are not opposed to the practice of reappropriating Tescos merchandise. It is strongly encouraged :)

However, when the people who are supposed to devote their lives to upholding law and order get caught in the act, it is always worth making public. The hypocrites seem to think that the law doesn't apply to them.

It's not an isolated incident. Two Sussex Chief Inspectors were caught taking wine from a Marks and Spencers in Shoreham last year:

Just remember these incidents next time you hear about corruption only happening in the "third world"...

Cop watcher