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Mainshill Eviction Alert

Mainshill Solidarity Camp | 20.11.2009 10:08 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Health

Mainshill Eviction Alert

This morning the process to evict Mainshill Solidarity Camp began. Members of the National Eviction Team, along with police climbers, are currently on site, walking around taking pictures. At the moment there are about 10 police/eviction team on site.

Residents of the camp are asking for anyone who is able to go to site as soon as possible to boost numbers and strengthen the camps position.

More information as we get it.

For more about Mainshill please visit

Mainshill Solidarity Camp


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Highlighted IMC?

20.11.2009 12:37

Can this item be highlighted please? Just think it deserves attention after the months of campaigning (or years in the case of local residents) and living up trees, under canvas and down holes.



20.11.2009 12:58

I agree - by the way, how is highlighting decided? (Not because I want to criticize, i've just always been curious)

(A) Sab x

Good luck!

20.11.2009 14:34

Dont let the basterds get you down!!!!

Good luck me and patch are with all of yous!


Whats become of the boy: Ignosee

21.11.2009 19:02

See you in Cop

Sexy Steve
mail e-mail: