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Gaza Demo 10th January 2009, Help sought

Fisher Meredith Solicitors | 18.11.2009 18:34 | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

Appeal For Witnesses

Help is asked from any who may have witnessed the police action at the North Gate of Kensinton Palace Gardens, at the Notting Hill Gate, Bayswater Road Junction during the London Gaza Demonstration on the 10th January this year (2009).
It is sought particularly in regards to a photojournalist who was attacked from behind by a police officer, who struck the Journalist on his shoulder with a baton (resulting as it transpired in a broken shoulder)

Minutes after the attack, the Journalist spoke to an individual who saw the attack. This individual himself had also been hit on the arm or wrist by a baton, but contact was lost before details could be exchanged
The Photojournalist’s attire consisted of a red scarf (keffiyeh), Green Parka type Jacket, Black inner coat, camouflage combats and Black boots He wore an earring and had short brown hair It’s length came just over the ears

Link to photographs of events at the location at approximate time of assault

Location on map:,-0.19222|16|4&bd=useful_information&loc=GB:51.50923:-0.1922:17|Kensington%20Palace%20Gardens%20%20London%20|Kensington%20Palace%20Gardens,%20London,%20England,%20W2

If you were there and witnessed such an attack please contact

Shamik Dutta
Fisher Meredith Solicitors
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"Photojournalist’s attire consisted of"

20.02.2010 22:52

Obviously the cops shouldn't hit ANYBODY at all but I'm amazed that a jouranilst would deliberately wear
"a red scarf (keffiyeh), Green Parka type Jacket, camouflage combats". If things kick off and the cops go berzerk as they usually do then it's so obvious that they'll just whack anyone wearing such garb because it's far more conspicuous than a tiny press card. Again I'm NOT defending the cops for a moment but it just seems sensible for any journo not to so clearly wear the same "uniform" as protesters if they expect to be allowed to film/photo from where ordinary people aren't allowed on such a day

sickened but not surprised