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Another migrant camp destroyed; mass arrests

No Borderer | 18.11.2009 14:56 | Migration | Repression | World

Another large migrant camp in France was destroyed yesterday, this time in Dunkerque.

The PAF (Police Aux Frontieres), entered the camp occupied by the 60-70 Afghans and Iraqis. The eviction was known about in advance, and according to the mainstream press, a number of people escaped the previous day. The remaining 30-odd occupants were handcuffed and taken to a police station, while the bulldozers razed their homes.
Video here:

The camp in Dunkerque was one of a number in Northern France home to migrants flushed out of Calais since the first large scale eviction in September.

In an attempt to 'disappear' the migrants, the smaller squats in Calais continue to be attacked (and sometimes burnt down) everyday, with essential belongings such as blankets being 'confiscated' from them. The cops have even fences off areas like bridges where people tried to huddle to get away from the rain & cold.

We need more people! No Borders have maintained a constant presence there but when we are low in numbers all we can do is document the destruction. When we are many, we CAN stop arrests and beatings.
See our homepage on how to get involved.


“...the fall of the Berlin Wall serves for us all today as a call to fight oppression and to tear down all the walls that still separate the world, that divide cities, regions and nations.
This is the message that a unified Europe proudly embodies and delivers to the world. We are brothers, we are Berliners....”

- Nicholas Sarkozy, during celebrations to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall, 09.11.09.

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