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15ft tank is next, say 25ft gun protesters!

Nottingham Arms Dump | 16.11.2009 19:16 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Iraq

Following on from the recent good turn out against the arms sellers Heckler and Koch, based in Lenton, Nottingham, the activists and artists responsible for building a 25ft model gun and marching it through the streets, are anouncing their intention to build a 15ft tank and would like help to do so...

The 25 ft gun was built by Nottingham Arms Dump and marched to the UK HQ of Heckler and Koch on Friday the 13th November by a couple of dozen activists. The action was hailed a success, in terms of creating more publicity against Heckler and Koch, courtesy of local rag evening post and indymedia sites notts and uk, and in terms of welcoming new members of nottingham's anti-militarism community (however loose knit that community may be!).

So, the road to facing Heckler and Koch head on in various direct actions next year, the Nottingham Arms Dump group have decided to build a 15ft tank to march to chillwell army barracks as part of a protest against the wars being waged by the british army at this very moment in time. Slight detour from Heckler and Koch, but they further actions being planned against them all the time, so they're not going anywhere for now.

Nottingham Arms Dump is calling on interested people to help out in any way they feel they can in building the 15ft tank.......please email for more

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