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Free Fruit Trees for Forest Fields

Abundance Nottingham on behalf of Forest Fields Orchard | 16.11.2009 14:47 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Health

We've got 100 fruit trees to plant in Forest Fields this winter, and we're looking for gardens to plant them in. So if you've got the space - and you don't need as much as you might think - get in touch.

The trees - apples, pears and plums - will be yours to keep, and so will the fruit which they produce. We only ask that you undertake to look after the tree - and we'll be on hand with as much advice as you need - and that if you end up with more fruit than you can eat then you contact us so that we can do something useful with it.
The planting will take place in January, and we'll contact you nearer the time to confirm the date. On the day, you will need to provide access to the planting position, and some water to give the tree a good start in life. Everything else - the hole, the compost, the stake, the mulch - will be provided by us. Of course, if you want to take part in the planting on the day, you'd be very welcome.

Please note that if you live in a rented property, we will need to know that you have the property-owner's permission.
Priority will be given to people living in Forest Fields and Sherwood Rise, but if you live outside those areas and are still interested, please get in touch.

If you're interested, please email with the following information:
- your address
- your preferred tree (apple, pear, or plum: note that it may not be possible to provide everyone with their first choice)
- whether the planting site is your front garden or back garden, and anything else you think we may need to know about the planting site.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Jon and the team at forestfieldsorchard

p.s. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think might be interested; or just talk to your neighbours about it.

Abundance Nottingham on behalf of Forest Fields Orchard


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