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Four Aldermaston Big Blockaders to be judged tomorrow

Trident Ploughshares Media | 11.11.2009 16:36 | Anti-militarism

Four peace activists (two from London, one from Scotland and one from Switzerland) who were among 33 people arrested during the Big Blockade of the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire last October will be judged on Thursday 12 November at 2pm at Reading Magistrates' Court, Berkshire. The trial took place on 21-22 October, 2009. A fifth defendant, Barbara Dowling, from Glasgow, changed her plea to guilty and received an 18-month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £85 in costs.

Defendants with counsel & supporters at Reading Magistrates' Court - D. Viesnik
Defendants with counsel & supporters at Reading Magistrates' Court - D. Viesnik

See earlier press releases for a report from the trial and other information:

Trident Ploughshares, who organised the Big Blockade at Aldermaston last October, is now organising another on 15 February 2010 - supported by CND and the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) - ahead of the five-yearly Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at the UN in New York in May. Gates to be blockaded have been allocated to environmentalists, students, women, faith groups, groups from Scotland, Wales, North and South England and internationals.

Please get together with your friends and form an affinity group as soon as possible and start formulating your plans. Trident Ploughshares can provide assistance in the form of nonviolent direct action training and other logistical support.

For more info and the briefing pack, visit the Trident Ploughshares website:
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