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The Berlin Wall 20 Years Later (by Latuff)

Latuff | 08.11.2009 20:57 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Repression | Terror War | World

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against US backed IsraHell's state terror.

Past and present walls
Past and present walls

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Historically and Herstorically walls of exclusion have failed globally.

09.11.2009 06:43

Jericho and Joshua and the walls come tumbling down, and the great wall of China, the wall around East Germany and the Israeli Apartheid Walls are all examples of the failure of walls that exclude the various peoples around the world. In fact the Israeli Apartheid Wall is in international law from the World Court of the Hague, said to be an illegal Israeli land grab of the Paslesdtinian lands, and that it must be taken down. That is international law of the anti-fascist side. That along with the fact that the East German Wall was a failure in that it did not stop the people of West Germany from going to East Germany to take advantage of the free medicare and dental etc. that was available to them. In West Germany the medical cost far too much for the workers to take full advantage of it. It also was on the agenda of the Red Army to leave Germany to the German peolple to do with Germany as they seen fit, and to live in peace and justice, which is why they picked up and left when they did. Too bad the U.S. Imperialist military occupyers do not do the same an quit their anschluss against the freedom and independence of Germany. No it is the American military that re-armed the German West with imperialist weapons,and are now using them as cannon fodder in their unjust and illegal aggressive wars throughout the middle east. Perhaps a reminder to the German Imperialist aggressors in Iraq and Afghanistan to drop their illusions that they are free to do so. Canadas' first div. says that should they do the same aggression for the third time there is no power on this planet that can save them. It was only at the mercy of the western liberation front that the one million German enemies of life were allowed to live. The vow is not a third time any alive. It would be wise that they study the anti-fascist covenants against their re-arming and contiunued aggressive wars. They are not wise to continue and they ought to immediatly get out of all the countries they have invaded. U.S. Imperialism cannot save themselves, and neither will the German invaders and occupyers of the worlds holyland who are doing the same routine of their previous wehmacht, when they presently call in fighter planes to kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan. Viva socialist liberation. End pollution wars, not endless wars for more pollution.


Concrete wall still divides Korea!

09.11.2009 10:12

The imperialists like to wax lyrical about the Berlin Wall, but in the early 1970’s, at the instigation of the US, the South Korean military dictatorship built a massive concrete structure 240 kilometres long from the eastern coast to the western coast, just south of the 38th Parallel, the military demarcation line.
This wall causes national division and blocks national reconciliation. The cold war may have ended in Europe, but it still continues in North East Asia on the Korean Peninsula.


brilliant cartoon

09.11.2009 12:44

It wont be long now before the wall tumbles, maybe a little of it saved as a memory of the genocide being perpetrated on the Palestinians. Real jews of the world dont be afraid of humanity, you are not hated or dispised. Your zionist leaders have led you to a place of eternal strife and worry. Look outside your beliefs and find balance, truth, forgiveness and reconciliation, the abusive cloak that has been draped upon the shoulders of your people is not yours, throw it off and find peace here on earth with all peoples.


Let's discuss!

09.11.2009 18:37

Come on - don't everyone just agree with each other. We're supposed to be all about debate, now let's see some controversy!


Korean unreality

09.11.2009 20:07

LOL are you serious about Korea?

The walls and fences around North Korea to to keep its people IN because the grotesque Stalinist system is such a dismal failure that they'd all leave given the chance (and thousands do risk their lives escaping through China to the South). On the other hand precisely one South Korean has moved in the opposite direction in the last four years.

It was exactly the same in the old East Germany and the rest of communist Europe. The communist propaganda was that the walls and fences were to keep western fascists out, but mysteriously all those shot trying to cross were trying to get out, not to get in.

A very peculiar sort of border defence that shoots those trying to escape, not those trying to invade.


tell the truth

09.11.2009 22:20

You LIE! The People's Republic of North Korea is a Socialist Paradise, just like what East Germany was before US Imperialism got it's claws in.


Where are all the people escaping North Korea?

10.11.2009 09:39

Download: - mp3 31M

The imperialist media trumpet on about North Korea, human rights etc, but surely if it was true that all those thousands of North Koreans were fleeing to the South and into China, I am certain that CNN, Fox and Sky news would be only to happy to show us.....Where's the evidence of all this? Exactly...because there is none.... look at the footage of the scum dregs of imperialism made heros in Berlin last night........All the traitors, stooges and puppets of imperialism out in force and made to look like heros......what? Gorbachev? Hero? Vomit on them. Like it was really a revolution 20 years ago....? Like it was really people rising up.....or just a well orchestrated event planned by the Yanks and their puppets as a model for destroying socialism, like in Hungary 56, Prague 68.


None as blind as those who refuse to see

10.11.2009 14:14

Actually they are interviewed and reported on the news etc fairly frequently.

Perhaps the diplomatic row that broke out between North Korea and Vietnam in 2004 after the latter airlifted 468 North Korean refugees to Seoul was all a fabrication too?

Apology for the 'DPRK' doesn't really fool anyone except those already desperate to believe that things are all rosy in the socialist paradise under the wise rule of the Dear Leader.


What? Allurment and abduction of North Koreans to South Korea?

11.11.2009 09:57

The DPRK did issue a statement criticising Vietnam for its involvement in anti
DPRK activities but that was 5 years ago it has now been smoothed over.Basically they
were allured to Vietnam in small groups over a period of time.

The south Korean authorities, at the U.S. instigation and under its command, faked up the so-called "massive defection of northerners and their transfer." They took away hundreds of northerners, mainly women and children, to south Korea in groups after alluring them to Vietnam via the vicinity of the DPRK on a phased basis.

As a matter of fact, most of the northerners whom they described as "defectors from the north" are those who fell victim to the allurement tactics of the enemy's spy organs after going to Northeast China for a visit to their relatives.

It is by no means accidental that this case was faked up in less a week after the "bill on human rights in north Korea" envisaging fabulous "financial aid" to the "defectors from the north" was passed through the U.S. House of Representatives.

The U.S. media made much fuss, as if they had been waiting for the opportunity to occur, that the wholesale defection of north Koreans proves bankruptcy of the north Korean regime's education, information activities and control over its citizens. They cried for joy that it would be a best scenario if this leads to the collapse of north Korea.

This clearly proves that the case 5 years ago was, to all intents and purposes, a product of the U.S. hostile DPRK policy whose ultimate aim is to topple its political system and it was prompted by the deliberate intention of dishonest elements in south Korea desirous of discord and confrontation between the north and the south.

What should not be overlooked is that Vietnam conspired with them in this case.

The DPRK has information enough to prove that Vietnam was involved in the plot of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities to allure and abduct citizens of the DPRK.

Through its involvement in the case Vietnam self-exposed that it could stoop to any perfidious action, discarding elementary sense of obligation and morality between the states, in order to meet its own interests.

The DPRK will certainly make non-governmental organizations in some countries pay for their flesh traffic worldwide as they had been engrossed in threatening, alluring and trading off DPRK citizens under the signboard of humanitarianism at the instigation of the U.S.

The U.S. seems to calculate that it can use the issue of "defectors" for bringing down the DPRK as it did erstwhile East European countries. This is, however, as foolish an act as trying to put an end to the sun.

No issue between the DPRK and the U.S., to say nothing of the nuclear issue, can be settled unless the U.S. fundamentally drops its hostile policy toward the DPRK.