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Carmel Agrexco blockaded for a second day, public protest tomorrow

Abu Assad | 07.11.2009 09:16 | Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco | Palestine

Demonstrate tomorrow, Sunday, outside the gates of Carmel Agrexco, the 50% Israeli state owned company responsible for exporting at least 60% of illegal settlement goods from the occupied West Bank.

Today activists from a coalition of Palestine solidarity groups have blockaded the company for the second day. The activists locked themselves to oil drums filled with concrete and positioned themselves to block the two access roads to the depot. Tomorrow we want the business closed again, maximising disruption to Agrexco at a key time, the start of the Israeli Avocado season.

We are calling for a mass demonstration starting tomorrow from 12pm; bring flags, banners, noise, and a strong desire to keep Israeli goods out of our supermarkets. The nearest train station is Hayes and Harlington, which is served from Paddington station. The 11.15 train from Paddington will arrive in time for the demonstration.

A link to the map of the site can be found here:

Abu Assad


Update, 10.30am

07.11.2009 10:32

The police decided to ignore their duty of care and moved some of the blockaders, still locked on, thus endangering them and causing great physical pain.

Another protester who tried to stop a lorry entering the depot was arrested.

All the protesters remain there in solidarity with the blockaders.

We ask that people come to the depot at noon tomorrow to demonstrate not only against Carmel Agrexco, but also against police violence.

Abu Assad


07.11.2009 10:50

The blockade was effective from 5.30am to 9.30am and trucks were turned away from the depot.

At 9.30am one of the lockons was moved out of the way by police and the gate was opened so people unlocked around 10.30am. There were three arrests, two for obstruction of the highway and one for breach of the peace. They have all been taken to West Drayton Police Station ...

Don't forget the public demo tomorrow from 12 noon



07.11.2009 14:53

Today at Carmel Agrexco. Video to follow.

Photo Taker

Police Moving Locked-on activists

07.11.2009 19:54

Police officers lift and move activists and concrete lock on.
Police officers lift and move activists and concrete lock on.

Two activists had their arms locked inside a tube through a heavy twenty litre tin of concrete. Despite this the police present decided that the best course of action was not to seek qualified advice and assistance, but to simply lift and carry both activists and the concrete. Thankfully in this case no serious injuries were caused.

Photo Taker


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Carmel Agrexco blockaded two days in a row - Video

07.11.2009 23:21

Video of the last two days of actions: