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Alleged ELF Anarchist Arrested in Mexico

@ | 05.11.2009 23:24 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

ELP has learnt of an arrest in Mexico where a 16 year old is accused of ELF activity. Below is a report about his arrest. If anyone knows the 16 year old and have contact details for him please contact ELP.

Picture from Liberación Total
Picture from Liberación Total


Last 27 of October a 16 years old Mexican activist was arrested at night and acused of being part of the ELF. He was riding his bike with a back pack wen a police patrol started to follow him. He decided to get rid of the backpack and ran away with his bike. Sadly the cops managed to capture him. Afterwards they took the backpack and found 4 incendiary devices (each one made with two petrol bottles), another petrol bottle, a pair of plastic gloves, a balaclava, a lighter, a spray can, and environmentalists logos (see picture above).

He was sent to the police station were the police took pictures of him and found out that he is vegan. He was kept there all night and next morning. He refused to talk to the police or explain why he was carrying all that stuff in his backpack.

According to the press he is suspected of carrying out at least 6 attacks, 5 of them with incendiary devices.

According to the press Diego A, the arrested activist, admited to be Anarchist, part of the ELF and responsable of the 6 attacks. But according to the Mexican Animal Rights magazine Rabia y Acción, this seems to be false.

Last 29 of October he went to trial but the judge didnt find enought evidence to convict him in a special prison for young men under 18 years old, so he was released. Now his parents are responsable of his future behaviour.


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oh my

06.11.2009 00:01

jeez lets hope he gets nailed before he kills himself


Further info

06.11.2009 10:13

According to the press he is suspected of at least six attacks with incendiary devices by the ELF, ALF and eco-anarchists which are:

- The destruction by fire to a JCB on March 22 by the ELF.
- The arson attack that left serious damage inside a McDonalds on 12 May by the ALF.
- The destruction of a truck by an incendiary device of the government institution Sistema Intermunicipal Water and Sewer on May 19 by the ELF.
- The bomb threat at Federal Palace and the hospice cottages, where the Summit of North American leaders took place on July 7 by eco-anarchists.
- The placement of an incendiary device under a sports car in a residential area in Zapopan on 18 August by eco-anarchists.
- The burning of seven luxury cars at a car show on September 26th by eco-anarchists.

See communiques at and the McDonalds arson at communique (+ video) at



06.11.2009 12:38

total solidarity with the comrade diego ......... no justice no peace



07.11.2009 23:12

Blessings Diego x

You all