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New Animal Liberation Prisoner (Europe)

@ | 05.11.2009 23:18 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

Unfortunately, it has been reported last week that a woman was caught during a mink liberation in south Holland, near the German border. It is also alleged that 5000 mink had been released from the fur farm and some damage caused. She has been remanded, only the address is known at the moment.

Please write letters to her. These can be sent to the following address, where they will be forwarded onto her at the prison:

die tierbefreier e.V., Postfach 111303, D - 20413 Hamburg, Germany

There is also an e-mail address been set up where emails can be sent to, some have arrived already. They'll be printed out and send onto her: More news soon...



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European Mink extinction

06.11.2009 08:43

A trend in recent years has been the release of farmed minks into the wild by animal rights activists. The result of the introduction of the American Mink into the wild in Europe has been disastrous for the European Mink, who occupies almost the same ecological niche but is out-competed by the larger and better-swimming American species. Attempts are now under way to introduce the European Mink to islands too far from the continent for American Mink to swim to, in an attempt to prevent the species from becoming extinct.