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8 UK universities boycott Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with workers

Boycott Fruit of the Loom | 04.11.2009 19:41 | Education | Globalisation | Workers' Movements | World

8 UK Universities have boycotted Fruit of the Loom in solidarity with Honduran workers whose factory was closed to bust the union.

Students demonstrate at Fruit of the Looms European HQ
Students demonstrate at Fruit of the Looms European HQ

On January 30, 2009, Russell Athletic, a Fruit of the Loom subsidiary closed down its only unionized factory in Honduras, the Jerzees de Honduras facility. Reports by the Workers Rights Consortium and Fair Labour Association have found that the decision to close the factory was taken in response to workers standing up for their basic rights (clean drinking water, fair wages, an end to verbal abuse).

Not only has Fruit of the Loom and Russell left 1,800 workers without jobs, but these workers are now on a computerized blacklist, making it impossibly difficult for them to find work in the future. For their courageous efforts to change the poor conditions rampant in the garment industry, Russell has kicked these workers out on to the street.

Students have engaged in the largest garment boycott in history with over 100 universities boycotting Fruit of the Loom in the UK, US and Canada. Students have demanded that the worker demands are met, Fruit of the Loom must:
1) re-open Jerzees de Honduras at full capacity
2) re-hire all union and non-union workers
3) complete negotiations with SITRAJERZEESH for a collective bargaining agreement

Fruit of the Loom is now really feeling the pressure!

Are you a student? Make sure your University boycotts Fruit of the Loom. Visit the blog to find out how:

Universities boycotting Fruit of the Loom in the UK:
1. University of York
2. University of Edinburgh
3. University of Birmingham
4. Birmingham City University
5. Aberystwyth University
6. Keele University
7. University of Aberdeen
8. University of East Anglia

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nice one...

05.11.2009 09:37

does fruit of the loom nornally supply the (terrible) university sports wear then?

wicked that s.u.'s are acting in solidarity with workers !


Fruit of the Loom supplies...

05.11.2009 10:32

Thanks for your message of support.

Fruit of the Loom supply universities with a number of different garments varying from institution to institution. Fruit of the Loom products typically tend to be used for offical merch, event t-shirts and society clothing.

Boycott Fruit of the Loom
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Directors' details?

05.11.2009 12:09

Maybe someone can look up the UK directors of Fruit of the Loom so people can contact them directly?

Sorry I'm too busy/lazy to do it but just an idea.

They should be prepared to accept responsibility for what their company does.