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apple action at the earth centre

pixies | 02.11.2009 22:08 | Climate Chaos | Education | Free Spaces | Sheffield | World

Earlier today a group of activists took apple action and liberated a haul of delicious fruits from the abundant forest gardens at the derelict earth centre. Weeks of meaningless promises and blatant lies from Doncaster Council led the group of harvesters to take action.

This may seem like a small feat but as numbers and support grows the move to reclaim the land at the earth centre is getting closer!

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03.11.2009 10:04

Carry on scrumping I say..GuerRILLA Gardening is lovely ..John Lilburne would have approved!!

Sam Gangees

earth centre

03.11.2009 10:27
i posted this the following story , it was done in 1995!! if they get on board it could be good coverage

hello my name is phillip tetley , i am part of a commuity group interested in reclaiming the earth centre for use to the local commuity,it has been closed for over 5 years now and if you look into its story you find some very interesting things , it has passed hands maytimes and has come to land in owership of doncaster council (there are also many interesting things there) , the council want nothing more to do with this and want rid as it is costing them money to keep sercure , we have been knocked back may times asking for permission to enter the grounds to pick the abundent fruit and herbs that are going to waste on the site , they said the fruit was rotton now but after proof was found it wasnt, we didnt see any reson we couldnt go in and retrive the fruit for the local community .
They currently rent it out to cerbus air soft mock fighting wargames clubs , and also the local police force for dog training ,this isnt the real reason it was built , from early reports we get from the people around they would like to see it in use once more .
We would like to start a small eco village on the site maintaining it , growning fruit veg and herbs to give to the locals , have work shops for self stustained living , trade workshops for the unemployed , etc . we would not want to take over the buildings for living, but build our own living spaces on the large site and use the building for educational purposes as it was intended , the inhabitants would look after and run the site needing little money to do ,
we need lots of support if in any way you can help promoting us and what we do please help
or email
thank you

phillip tetley
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