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March and Protest against Novartis in Horsham

Sussex Action For Animals | 02.11.2009 15:27 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | South Coast

We were very pleased that approximately 70 people turned out for our demonstration and march against Novartis in Horsham on Saturday .

Up until 2pm the day before we were not even sure that the demonstration would be able to take place, as Novartis had attempted to get an interim injunction. Novartis were seeking to prevent banners on the demonstration from bearing the words "Novartis", or carry posters showing images of animal suffering. They didn't want protesters to be able to wear masks or costumes; in particular blood stained lab coats. They did also mention something about fireworks!

Despite the best efforts of solicitor Tim Lawson-Cruttenden to dredge up any dirt he could to support his application, the judge found in our favour and said "At this late and interlocutory stage it seems to me that the balance is resoundingly against the suggested requirement that protestors must not wear blood splattered clothing or costumes". He went on to say that stopping people wearing masks would involve "considerable practical problems for the Police, risk the raising of tensions, and interfere with the rights of those who simply wish to wear inoffensive masks".

So, the demo went off very well, was extremely loud and the public seemed genuinely interested in our protest and took our leaflets with enthusiasm. In the last week we have handed out 1,000 leaflets which tell the people of Horsham that Novartis torture and kill animals and their drugs damage and kill people too.

We would like to thank the police for the considerable number of officers that were present on the march as well as the 50 or so, plus police horses, that were waiting for us to arrive at Novartis itself! We appreciate them trying to make up the numbers, but it wasn't necessary. We caused just as much time, energy and money and inconvenience as if there had been 1,000 of us.

We feel quite pleased with ourselves that a group consisting of only 6 people can cause this level of aggravation to a company the size of Novartis.

What is abundantly clear is that Novartis really, really, do not like being associated with animal experiments. Quite rightly they know that most people find vivisection disgusting and immoral. With this in mind our group is busy, as we write, producing more banners and posters to add to our weekly demonstrations, which from now on will take place not only outside Novartis, but also in HORSHAM town centre as well.

Our message to Novartis, We will never give in, we will continue to tell the truth about your dirty, bloody business and if you don't like it, bring it on......

PS After the march the police went into the George pub in Brighton and told the landlord that animal rights people were going to be meeting there and watch out for trouble! They said they would be back later to check, which they did. Shame they didn't have something better to do........

If you live in the Sussex/Horsham area and would like to get involved, please contact us.

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