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Sussex Students' Union votes to Boycott Israel

Josh Jones | 30.10.2009 22:47 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Students at Sussex University voted this week to boycott Israeli produce in Union stores.

Sussex students of Palestine Society and Stop The War
Sussex students of Palestine Society and Stop The War

The decision will make Sussex the first Students' Union to adopt a full boycott of Israeli goods. The campaign comes as part of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, calling upon Israel to respect international humanitarian law and end the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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it's hard work

30.10.2009 23:25

It's hard and dirty work being gesturally trendy, but someone has to do it.

These little resolutions tend to fall into two categories: those overturned in a week, and those so insubstantial they're not even worth overturning.

But my aren't we all sashing in our trendy kaffiyas.

posture politics

All fine and well......

30.10.2009 23:31

But, how does the poser wearing Nike trainers explain any kind of exploitation?


Free Free palestine

31.10.2009 11:15

Well done to the students in their stance against the zionist state and its 'nazi like' existance. Bob and PP what a pair of plonkers, hope you're getting paid well for coming up with such constructive critisisms. The Palestinian/israeli issue is a learning curve that takes time and access to good infomation to get a clear picture of whats going on, especially if your information has generally come from the zion centric MSM. Why not give some insight into the situation rather than trite comments about trainers? Come on we'd really be interested.


Media News

31.10.2009 16:55

This weeks Private Eye reports:
"Members of the National Union of Journalists are preparing a fightback against a Spartacist internal faction called "NUJ Left" currently making a nuicance of itself within the union.
"NUJ left focuces on political campaigns; the recent call to buycott Israeli goods being juist one of its brilliant ideas. Rather than discussing mundaene matters such as pay, conditions and the increasing threat of redundancies, it prefers to concentrate on "how to respond to the British National Party and Afghanistan" at poorly attended meetings.
Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow has already left the NUJ as a result of this return to "student politics" and it looks as though many more will follow if, as expected, NUJ Left takes control of the union's NEC at the next elections."

Liberals have long argued that unions should limit themselves to pay, conditions and jobs and ignore wider political questions, leaving these to politicians. Good on the students!

Victory to the trouble makers!


31.10.2009 17:41

'Why not give some insight into the situation rather than trite comments about trainers?'

Why not give some insight into the situation rather than repeating the same tired insinuations that those who disagree with you do so only because some nefarious international conspiracy is paying them to?

By all means let unions address international issues - but not at the expense of failure after failure on the local issues they were created to address. Earn your supper before you reach for dessert. Otherwise you will have well deserved the label 'posture politics.'

posture politics

Consumer politics, oh dear.

01.11.2009 18:18

You can't boycott capitalism, maybe sussex swp and their cronies need to start embracing actual revolutionary politics and actions as opposed to liberal boycotts. See you on the barricades... oh wait probably won't.


the Nike trainers jumped out at me too! but hey we aren't perfect

03.11.2009 13:57

I must admit the Nike trainers jumped out at me too.

But maybe they were secondhand/shoplifted/a present. And none of us are perfect.

Maybe it is just a gesture but who cares, gestures can be very important and better than doing nothing.

So good on ya, students!