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Proof of the impact of the SHAC campaign

Spectre | 30.10.2009 15:12 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

For anyone who doubts the validity of the "SHAC method", this page of the Plymouth report should cast away any uncertainty.

Examples of Animal Rights Impact
Examples of Animal Rights Impact

The Plymouth report is a document compiled by an independent legal company and was commissioned by HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) as part of their decision making process in regards to a proposed by-out by their CEO Andrew Baker.

Unfortunately for HLS, when their management agreed to the buyout, they had to file this document in the public domain, albeit with heavy redactions. As has been mentioned previously (and in depth on the SHAC website), this report demonstrates just how close to bankruptcy HLS were in early 2009, and effectively states that if they are not bought out by their CEO they will fold.

As a result of a lawsuit by several of HLS' shareholders (who are set to lose a lot should this buyout go ahead), HLS have had to reveal more of the Plymouth report than they had ever intended, and when you see what it contains you can see why the original version had these bits missing. The page attached is probably the most revealing.

**Please note this has been posted by a SHAC supporter, not SHAC itself.

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"Anonymous" lender...

30.10.2009 15:20

... is Fortress Investment Group, visit the SHAC website ( for more info.