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Year of Democracy

Year of Democracy | 29.10.2009 20:10 | Culture | Education | History

This Dundee Student Association campaign has been designed to fight student apathy. There has been great success so far but more is to come. Read on to find out about the amazing speakers they have confirmed!

Year of Democracy
Year of Democracy

Dundee Student Association so far this semester has welcomed Arun Gandhi who follows in the footsteps of his grandfather as a socio-political activist and is internationally renowned for his advocacy of peaceful activism. The event was attended by 900 people.

Today Noam Chomsky was presented by video link.

The best is yet to come. November 18th DUSA welcome George Galloway for an event entitled 'Conversations with George'.

Next semester DUSA will host; Tariq Ali, Moazzam Begg, Martin Kelner, and Katherine Gunn. This is a stunning campaign with a stellar line up - not something expected of a student's union that has no history of political campaigning.

Crucially this political awareness campaign is concurrent with an anti-cuts campaign which we are sure to hear more of in the near future.

Whilst we await success, it seems appropriate to congratulate DUSA thus far.

Year of Democracy
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