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No Deal In Copenhagen/Bristol Mobilisation Preparations

bristolrisingtider | 29.10.2009 18:28 | World

While People take action acrsss the UK this week - Occupation of Didcot Coal Fired Power Station, and occupations of Mainshill (Lanarkshire) and Shipley (Derbyshire) Open Cast Mines, the Danish Prime Minister States that there will be no deal at the COP15 climate negotiations in December this year... 17 years on from Rio... and they still can't sort it out.

Details of further Bristol based preparations...

In June this year, 33 people died in Peru defending their land and the climate against the state...maybe you could make it to Copenhagen to show some solidarity ?

Peru in June... Lets be in Copenhagen In Solidarity with the 33 who died
Peru in June... Lets be in Copenhagen In Solidarity with the 33 who died

Going to Copenhagen for COP 15?

A two part preparatory gathering for activists going to take part in the protests at the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. The gathering is designed for those wanting to take action and ideally people should come to both parts. A chance to meet other activists and gather our strength for the fun and games on the streets of Copenhagen in December.

Both sessions will start at 6.00 p.m. with supper at the Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton and finish by 9.30.

Part 1 – Monday 23rd November

How we can look after each other and act together on the streets of Copenhagen

(including essential first aid and forming affinity groups)

Part 2 – Tuesday 24th November

Knowing the legal limits and methods /ideas for joint action to uncop the COP

(including a briefing on relevant Danish law, taking action in affinity groups and blocks)

The Governments of the world are delegitimizing themselves by there own (in)actions...

Lets make The COP15 count for us !

Be there!

# 11 December:

* Don't Buy the Lie- anti-corporate action at the COP

# 12 December:

* Flood For Climate Justice
* Global Day of Action (all day)

# 13 December:

* Hit the production!

# 14 December

*No Borders Day of Action

# 16 December:

* Reclaim Power! Push for Climate Justice! Dec 16th

# 17 December:

* Take Action! COP 15 Starts
A new booklet - "Climate Change is not an Environmental Issue" is available at:



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