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Occupations in Austria for Free Education are going strong and spreading.

Anonymous | 28.10.2009 16:22 | Education | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Austrian Occupations Spreading

I am part of the student representative body at the Philipps University in Marburg and initiator of the independent platform "International Student Movement" (ISM).
It is great to see this group grow and reaching almost 5.000 members within just a few days.
Please keep inviting people. It inspires the occupiers and helps to spread the global perspective of the struggle.


University of Vienna (Austria) is occupied
University of Graz (Austria) is occupied
University of Klagenfurt (Austria) is occupied
University of Linz (Austria) is occupied
Academyof Fine Art in Vienna (Austria) is occupied
Technical University of Graz (Austria) is occupied
Technical University of Vienna (Austria) is occupied

Demonstrations are scheduled to take place across the country today [28/10].

We have a VERY unique situation right now:

Protestes are spreading across Austria, groups are preparing protests across Germany [esp. on Nov.17th], Italy [esp. on Nov.17th], the U.S. of A. [especially on Nov.10th; 2 buildings of the University of California (Santa Cruz) are still occupied], Canada [esp. on Nov.5th], Croatia [to begin soon] and in Bosnia Herzigovina [warming up already].

Further protests are expected in Ireland, Nepal, Bulgaria, Marocco, [f.Y.R.o.] Macedonia, the UK, Switzerland, Indonesia, Spain, Bangladesh and elsewhere in the coming month.

Most of the actions will also be part of the
"Education is NOT for $A£€ - Global Week of Action",
which is called for by 60 groups in 24 countries on the independent platform "International Student Movement".

We must free public education from economic interests!!

Our struggle for FREE and EMANCIPATORY public Education [and against the increasing commercialisation and privatisation] can only be won, if we unite globally!!

Therefore I ask ALL of you to consider to JOIN the struggle on an international level by joining this Global Week of Action!

Show locally, that this struggle is GLOBAL!!

The infrastructure is there! We just need to make use of it!

Just drop me a line, if you have any questions or suggestions in connection with the ISM or the Global Week of Action.

~ One World - One Struggle ~

In Solidarity,

PS: Please also sign & spread the "International Petition for Free and Emancipatory public Education":

PPS: JOIN the "United Video Project":

PPPS: Consider to join an international "video-conference" on Nov.5th:

Facebook group.



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28.10.2009 18:27

If as you ask the countries in question give you further education for free (paid for by the people in those countries) are you going to pay them back the money, either with your labours or in money?
Fairs fare, without the next generation paying for the next all you get is a very poor country, both mentaly and financialy.

Or should the people (taxpayers) just shut up and keep paying for your lifestyle?

an answer plese, for clarification.

oh and "milk the rich" is very poor as an answer, as at the moment the bulk of taxes come from the middle and working class (due to number, the rich make up only a very small proportion of population)


Free Ed

28.10.2009 22:40

Well, not so long ago there used to be free education in the UK and it didn't seem so problematic. Students then left and got jobs and did what everyone else does - contribute to the social wealth. If government's want to waste that wealth on pointless wars elsewhere or lose money via PFI scams or bailout the banks then what can you do? All of these are a drain on taxes paid to keep the NHS and some kind of welfare system for those who need it as well as othe key things liike basic infrastructure and so on.