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Two big barricades, two lock-ons and work stopped again at Mainshill Wood

Mainshill Solidarity Camp | 26.10.2009 12:16 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

This morning at around 7am the access road being used by loggers and other contractors to gain access to Mainshill Wood was blockaded by residents at the Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

Work has now been stopped for over five hours, with two big barricades and two people locked-on.

The Solidarity Camp has been occupying part of the site of a new opencast coal mine in South Lanarkshire for over four months now, and for weeks relentless actions against Scottish Coal and contractors has slowed the destruction taking place at the site.

More information and photographs will follow - watch this space and get down to the Solidarty Camp.

With this action at Mainshill, digger-diving at Shipley in Derbyshire and Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire shut down all this morning, it is clear that direct action against new coal is gaining momentum - no new coal!

Mainshill Solidarity Camp
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