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BRING 'EM HOME billboard appeal

PVA - art not war | 21.10.2009 23:25 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Terror War | South Coast | World

Seen in the military enclaves of Chatham / Gillingham in Medway, Kent - the annual poppy appeal was given new and urgent meaning thanks to a little cut and paste.




On the run up to the 'Bring the troops home' rally in London on the 24th October, billboards in the military towns Chatham and Gillingham in Kent may deserve a double take from passers by as the annual poppy appeal message was given a new and urgent appeal for the living - 'For their sake, bring 'em home'.

The simple application of some red paper and letters cut from white paper, quickly transformed the appeal for the dead to an appeal for the living by an anonymous group armed only with PVA glue and a roller.

PVA - art not war


there you go - another one

25.10.2009 23:18


as suggested.


naughty but nice

30.10.2009 17:59

Spotted this in Norwich



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