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Mainshill Drilling Vehicles Sabotaged

anonymous | 21.10.2009 20:02 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces

An anonymous communique was received after two machines used for drilling and testing for coal on site were sabotaged in the early hours of Tuesday morning... The communique reads:

“On the morning of Tuesday the 20th of October two heavy vehicles had their Fuel lines, wiers, gears and fuel tanks destroyed. Their windows and bodys where also spreypainted.
The vehicles damaged have been working to prepare the Mainshill Wood area for coal extraction. If it is open casted then it will join several other mines in the Douglas Valley, two of which are currently expanding.
Scottish Coal, the land owner Lord Home and the government and more than prepared to sacrifice the health of local communities and environment, as well as contribute to climate change and nearly universal environmental degradation for wages, bonuses, targets and profits.
This action was taken by a group of autonomous people in solidarity with all those who oppose the development of Mainshill Wood into an open cast coal mine.”