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Charter flight from Lille cancelled!

oneCMS | 20.10.2009 23:41 | Anti-racism | Migration | Terror War

The charter flight to Afghanistan did not leave from Lille airport this evening. It was cancelled last minute.

However we do not know what happened to the UK part of the flight i suppose it went ahead, and there may be a charter from Paris tomorrow morning - or there may be not. The administrative tribunal and the ECHR will decide tomorrow on late representations, but these decisions are not suspensive of deportations.

We had a big and lively demo at the airport and from there marched to the detention centre that is situated near the airport. Detainees very happy of our presence, shouting freedom, azadi (means freedom in Farsi) no borders - that could be an imitation of our slogans. There was a big turn out of No Borders and anarchists,CNT etc. plus Greens, Socialists, the Anti Capitalist Party etc. various media present some press say 200 people demonstrated but I think it was at least twice as many.

- Homepage: http://calaismigrantsolidarity.


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