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Keep Question Time Nazi Free - Stop Nick Griffin appearing on BBC.

Anon NW1 | 20.10.2009 22:25 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been invited onto the BBC Question time programme on Thursday 22nd October. There is a demo planned from 9am and a main demo at 5pm at BBC Wood Lane. We are not going to allow him into the BBC. There is a pre demo meeting & rally tomorow at Conway Hall Red Lion Square. There is chance Griffin will arrive by helicopter in which case occupy the roof and stop him.

There will be flyers and posters available at the rally tomorrow. Get some and leaflet / poster your area. Bring as many people as possible and stop him getting in.

Anon NW1


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Rally tomorrow is at 7pm at Conway Hall. Nearest tube Holborn.

20.10.2009 22:49

Get there early as this will be packed and has loads of speakers.

Message to the BBC.

We are not allowing him in. Read that again. We are not allowing him in.

This is what he wants for African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Carribean, South American, Pacific, Maoari people .... so we are NOT allowing hin into the BBC.

We have been told that the BNP "plan to kick the shit out of everybody". This is why we are NOT ALLOWING him or them into the BBC.

Shame on the BBC.


Let Griffin be questioned in public

20.10.2009 23:55

Violently preventing Griffin from being questioned in public on his policies, will be seen as a propaganda victory for the BNP.

They have been given far too much mainstream media free publicity this week already, with the connivance of the Labour party and the BBC.

Surely you are not afraid that the idiot will actually talk any sense, are you ?

Fed up with the pro and anti BNP hype

who shall we ban next?

21.10.2009 00:39

freedom of speech means nothing if we cannot allow those we dislike to speak. this is thin end of the wedge, and could set a dangerous precedent. if we can win the debate then we wont have to fight on the streets. if the debate is thwarted because we don't allow it, who wins? i want the right to question mr griffin and be convinced, or otherwise, by his response in a very public environment.

im going to be very pissed off if anyone tries to take MY rights away. i hate fascists. if you decide to post some good questions in this thread who knows.... ;-) it might just be a useful debate after all.

please don't help kill off our freedom of speech.


Ratings frenzy!

21.10.2009 00:50

If he does make it on, you can guarantee the audience for the show will be enormous after the enormous publicity. I am totally against the BNP (not a troll before you ask haha!). But I'm quite curious to see what Griffin says. I'm torn between the 'no-platform' argument and the lets defeat them in debate and show them up for what they are. I won't be joining the demo tomorrow. Not really convinced it's the right approach. Good luck.


No Platform

21.10.2009 08:32

People complain of preventing freedom of speech but this is a disingenuous argument.

The BNP are not simply exercising their right to free speech, they are organising the oppression of blacks, asians, chinese, gays, and the disabled.

That is their end goal; however they dress it up is an irrelevance.


Talking sense

21.10.2009 08:36

"Surely you are not afraid that the idiot will actually talk any sense, are you ? "

Griffin will tell a pack of lies and the Question Time panel cannot be relied on to debunk them.


Freedom of speech?

21.10.2009 08:44

Some voices here defend Mr Griffin's right to freedom of speech. Certainly, it is a very important individual right and needs to be defended whenever endangered. I thought however that its main objective is to constitute a tool against domination and oppression that an individual might be subject to. And, to perform such a function it is necessarily limited by the respect for difference and individuality. Surely, such qualities are completely unknown to Griffin’s reasoning. Let's not confuse freedom of speech with the right to be free to persecute and exterminate the people!


jack straw

21.10.2009 10:29

it could be argued jack straw has done much more to harm and end the lives of people of colour on this planet. he is way more powerful and more dangerous than any bnp tosser.
when we kick off loud about bnp aren't we therefore sending a message that jack straw and his ilk are somehow acceptable to us ?


Question time petition for Griffin& the Genocidal Party

21.10.2009 12:19

A paedophile party wouldnt be legitimised, an Al aqueda party & many others are legal & wouldnt be allowed on newsnight,the BNP shouldnt be allowed. They have a hardcore of physcotic & hateful people, who need locking up or therapy, not just education.
BNPers cheered Bush's invasions of the middle east, Griffin pretends to be a peacemaker whilst praising Hitler.
They still organise with Nazi Parties in Germany & others globally who organise mass genocide& talk openly about disappearing human rights organisers& union activists.

We need more economic& social democracy as without both either are almost meaningless,
Please sign Hope not hates Petition, their good at paperwork & media antifascism & if it came down to it they would join a British international brigade again like we did before WW2.

Shame on the BBC& the undemocractic British judiciary, 90%of people want nazi's banned, their allowance of ethnic members means nothing, who except afew tonto's would want to join, Hitler had afew Jewish & muslim officials to help run things, BAN THE BNP!

International brigader

some here talk as if BNP member & hardcore are sane& not in need of therapy

21.10.2009 12:51

as genocidal maniac lovers+ many of them help organise genocide in other countries, obviously either your trolls or just abit uneducated.
BNP members dont just join security contractors & work for people like Straw, they help organise & support the genocides & in places like Rwandan between hutus & tutsis or in Sudan between Christians & Muslims as well as N.Ireland.
The BNP themselves say they have more members joining the army at the moment, at least most labour voters are actually against the war, despite reluctanctly voting Labour to stop the Tories destroying even more public services. We live in a v slim democracy & need alot more, not more genocidal nutters against democracy.
No1s talking about using violence anyway,even most police hate the BNP, the Judges& politicians messed up big time letting Griffins off the hook, people still keep getting evidence.
Most people in UK hate them, they know more seats for them means more race riots& murder



21.10.2009 15:02

Sorry blakey, you are out of touch with the general public, and especially the British working class.

parties like the BNP will gain support until politicians start addressing, and providing solutions for, the type of problems faced in the daily struggle by ordinary working people, such as housing and the need for rent controls, the minimum wage is far too low (should be about £8.50 per hour). Taxation is far too high for low earners, and the price of petrol is far to high - these are examples of things that affect people on a daily/weekly basis.

Sadly, groups like the BNP will grow until the politicians come up with answers that will benefit peoples daily lives.

General Public

Socialist Worker's member's own opnion.

21.10.2009 15:22

Regarding the comment that the BNP were in favour of invasions in the Middle East is not true. They opposed the Iraq and Afgan war and still do.
These protests seem to get the BNP more support and free publicity.
I have changed my mind, and I am now against these self defeating protests against the BNP.

Myself, I will now protest against the people who actually rule the Country Labour, and next the Tories.
Chasing around this tiny party achieves nothing. Anyway, any votes which the BNP loses go straight to our Capitalist masters Labour or the Tories.


Personal experience of BNP members.

21.10.2009 16:37

Myself and a friend were physically attacked in a tunnel in East London because my friend is Asian.
That same night we were on our way to a fake reggae party in a squat which was held on the roof of a squatted council tower block. The party was in fact held by Nazis who pulled knives. Somehow we got out of that shaken but alive. That's the reality of the BNP.

The BNP used to be affiliated to Combat 18 - an armed group who have fought alongside the UDA and were very much linked to the British Army, and MI5 / Special Branch. Eventually they fell apart when they were infiltrated by nutters [!] from MI5 who had them all believing David Icke and in aliens / 12 foot lizards etc.

Having known several BNP members [spying on them] they would beat up anyone Asian and alone walking the streets. One of them got it into his head that I was Jew and turned very nasty and very frightening.

When someone Muslim is caught or "caught" with explosives or "explosives" it gets front page news in the press and two or more pages of coverage. When the BNP do the same thing and it happens more than you think...there have been a number of terrorism convictions against right wing / Neo Nazis /BNP members it gets very little press coverage, if any.

The BNP are not just a little party who should be ignored...David Copeland blew up a pub in Soho, planted a nail bomb in Brixton....

Lastly it should be pointed out to Nick's supporters that Griffin has bought a pig farm with BNP money. He has ripped off his supporters. When leaders of political parties or campaign groups live very well from donations or membership fees then something is very very wrong and shows the whole thing up for the nastiness it actually is.


Well, what did you make of it?

23.10.2009 00:00

I'm glad the program went ahead. If it were up to me i would have a weekly 'nick's question time' for as long as he wanted to turn up.
His performance, in my opinion, was cringeworthy. The audience were great! I think i would have had less fun if we had thrown rotten fruit at him!
If the bnp consider this a victory then i would hate to see their vision of a defeat. He can't say he wasn't given a chance to express his views and came across as thourghly dishonest.

Anyone else care to share a laugh at his expense? Which bit of his performance did you 'enjoy'?


should he have been allowed on?

13.11.2009 12:14

I was in 2 minds over whther he should have been allowed on.It interests me chomskys view on we cant just not let somone speak because we dont like what they say.I have to say though now it has happened i dont think it was the right descision and that attacks on imigrants and homersexuals will increase.I think having him on will make people with horrible views feel like they are ligitimate and acceptable when they are not.I enjoyed seeing the bastard squirm but nonetheless i think it was the wrong descision to let a lying nazi sympathiser gain in support by giving him a voice

stephen smith
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