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hi love

merry baby | 20.10.2009 11:22 | World

athens city greece this weekend

hey , how was your weekend ?
here in athens I am now , this weekend we had a protest in the area of Nickaia .
The protest at that area , near piraias port , was couse in the police station of nickaia , police beat till death Kamran , an immigrant from pakistan, few days ago .
So althought on this saturday it was a rainy day, around 700-800 of us we gathered and we protest in the streets of nickaia .
We passed from the house Kamran was living and then we went to the police station were we trought , as we had planed , lots and lots of rocks .
It was like a rain of stones lol and it was the least we could do .
Then the riot police attacked with tear gas and other chemicals ( they dont have other way honey without that chemical shit they are doomed ) and arrested few of us . We could not allowed that and so we went at once and we occupied the town hall of nickaia , a really luxury 5 floor building.
we demand the imidiate realise of our comardes but the police state reply that they gonna keep few of them inside the jail for maybe a year .
That was something we find out on sunday night . we left the town hall of nickaia and we occupied the head courters of the university of athens in the center of the city , in monday morning and from there I am writting u, he have an assembly soon to c what the fuck are we gonna do with this fuckers we are dealling .
It was nice to be back in athens for a while and c all my friends and comrades and the attack on the police station was something really cool but we have to get back the comrades that they are in jail asap.
anyhow was your weekend? did u went to any nice clubs ? in any nice restorants ? u went to the movies ? a romantic walk maybe with a nice friend? so nice wish I had time 4 all that but…

c u soon I hope in athens city and have a lovely week

yours (A*)

merry baby
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