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New BNP members list being published

Red Left | 19.10.2009 23:38 | Anti-racism | Liverpool

Updated version of BNP members list is being leaked...

The BNP is bracing itself for potentially fresh embarrassment tomorrow when details of the party's UK-wide rank and file membership are expected to be posted on the internet.

The list, which purports to be a snapshot of the party's support in April this year, includes the names, addresses, postcodes and telephone numbers of people who have signed up to the far-right group, including the grade of membership assigned by the party – Standard, Family, Family Plus, Gold, OAP, and Unwaged.

This list was leaked to a website, which insisted today that it was genuine, and that it intended to publish the information tomorrow.


Anyone know anymore about this? It's from a mainstream source so might be trustworthy but who knows. Anyone got the link for the site where the new list is being published?

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  2. anon — Red Left
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