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Bath social Centre - Updates

Matt Banning | 18.10.2009 20:56 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

This has been a busy week of frantic cleaning and general preperation at the Bath social cetre, the place is looking amazing, and we are starting to open our doors to the public. It is a massive, amazing space with loads of potential and we have a few updates for y'all -

* We have decided on a name - 'The Black Cat Centre' - swish eh!?

* We have started running workshops, and have had sucessful samba dancing and self defence workshops over the past couple of days.

* The freeshop is now up and running, and in need of any donations, so bring down your unwanted stuff and take away some tatted treasure!

* We have decided to have an opening night on Saturady the 21st of November, and should have some decent acts lined up - let us know if you want to perform.

* We have several tidying sessions booked this week, so please come along and help out.

* We are looking for people to come along and run workshops, help out with odd jobs etc or just check the place out, so feel free to pop over.

* We still have a wish list that includes the following things -
*Kitchen stuff
*Any unwanted stuff for the freeshop
*Any books, pamphlets or leaflets for the library

We have a website in the pipeline, and will hopefuuly be putting up some pics shortly - in the meantime - come and help out!

We are not revealing the exact location of the space publicly at the moment, but if you want to come along, drop us an email at

See y'all down there!

Matt Banning
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Good luck

19.10.2009 15:45

Hope your project lasts longer than both our sites in Sheffield did.

Solidarity and good luck!

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