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Calling all artists! 'Alternative Trafigura Art Prize' launches today

Richard Wilson | 18.10.2009 15:32 | Ecology | Free Spaces

Don’t Get Fooled Again is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Alternative Trafigura Art Prize’. This prestigious new contest will celebrate the contribution to UK political life of the oil-company and serial litigant Trafigura, and will run concurrently with the official Trafigura Art Prize competition.

Submissions are invited from all artists and artistically-minded folk worldwide, and may address any subject, with the term “art” being understood in its broadest possible sense.

Our learned panel of judges will reveal the winners of this fiercely-contested prize on November 3rd, via this blog:

Entry is free, and the overall winner will receive a mouth-watering selection of banana-themed baked goods.

Instructions: Simply upload a copy of your artwork to Tweetpic, Flickr or Youtube, and post the link as a comment here:

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