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Swoop - Police release helicopter videos

kq | 18.10.2009 13:30 | Climate Chaos

Presumably as part of their P R justification, police have released two videos from the helicopter, taken at the Great Climate Swoop this weekend.

Helicopter video of protestor cutting through fence and climbing over it in front of a security guard, meanwhile radio chatter complains of police being "overrun" at Gate 3

Video showing protestors in the process of squashing police against the fence



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All part of the story building

18.10.2009 14:31

These will assist with the 'violent disorder' theme being developed by showing some occurring - looks like somebody has learnt from G20.

Solidarity with those arrested - these pictures will not help.



18.10.2009 19:10

can people 'flag' or complain about this video on youtube. easy to do.


these pictures WILL help

18.10.2009 23:00

actually, i think these pictures will help.

allow me to explain.

1) the guy on the fence is doing an honorable thing, he's attacking E.ON's climate crime head on. He's using his body and choice to invade the enemy quarter, where billions of pounds of profits are made each year. So it's good that people can see it and think, "wow, look at my comrade from over in england, or up in nottingham, he's doing it hands on, so i will, too..."

2) The second video shows people rushing for a piece of greyish looking rope, not the police lines, but it does appear to be the police lines...I urge you to look again and again until you see the rope. it's there, i know, because I saw it on the day with my own eyes. The police where never systematically rushed by activists. But ropes were fought over, which is what anyone who attended will tell you.

Even police would probably admit to fighting over the ropes, seeing as loads more footage will become available as people start to upload there various news and schnews. I personally witnessed dozens of acts from both sides...Including: Police hacking at peoples hands with knives as people fought over ropes attach to the fences, Police dogs menacing people at the hands of their master officers, activists on the E.ON side of the fence, being grabbed and held and arrested. I personally saw four people arrested, three of them inside the grounds and heard an account of one arrest/de-arrest. I was also stopped and searched.

So the footage can be explained by people who were there...It wont damage us if we explain the truth.

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19.10.2009 09:47



Re: Knives

19.10.2009 13:42

I didn't see the police using knives. There was a guy in a yellow fluoro who I assume was Eon security (but I could be wrong - he might have been a police officer) trying to cut some rope held by activists. The rope was tied around the fence, or people were trying to loop it around the fence, and he kept waving the knife really close to people's hands saying that they'd get cut if they didn't let go of the rope and let him cut it. Psycho.


they did use knives

20.10.2009 19:14

I saw the police with knives and i saw them using truncheon blows on peoples hands. im sure photos of the knives will come about.the police were scared as well.

wuz there 2